About Us

Here at The Bath Sweet Shop we have a long-standing record of putting smiles on faces and yummies in tummies. Founded in the 80's The Bath Sweet Shop has become a fun household name to all of Bath's locals as well as those from abroad who visit our wonderful city. For over 30 years we have remained independent and while it's no longer owned by the original founder it still continues to operate as a family owned and run business.

From traditional British sweets to modern American sweets, we have a huge selection of sweets. Our chocolate section is to die for and our fudge products are always a winner. We also have large selections of toffees, biscuits, liquorice and lollipops.

So come and pay us a visit, with our original glass jars, our great selection and our beautiful location you are guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face and a very happy tummy.